Do you ever feel stuck? Is it possible that your beliefs could be holding you back? What could you achieve if you were free from your limiting beliefs?

Many people are trying to be successful but their limiting beliefs are sabotaging them. Interestingly most of these beliefs are in our subconscious mind. What would you be able to achieve if you were able to break free from these subconscious limiting beliefs?

Successful people are able to step forward and break thru their old limiting beliefs and step into courageousness.

Limiting beliefs are fear based. These beliefs hold us back.

Courage is moving through your limitations and stepping into the unknown.

This is your opportunity to heal yourself from limiting beliefs and negative emotions. Just like pulling out a weed from the garden and planting a beautiful new flower.

Science now tells us that our thoughts are held in our energy field. Our brain is merely an instrument to tapping into that energy field. To clear our limiting beliefs, fears, etc, we need to clear our energy field. This will then allow our brain to tap into greater potential. Hence clearing our energy field, is the most important undertaking one can take.

There are many layers to our energy fields. Our energy fields may get enmeshed with others. As an example we can take on the negativity of those who we spend most of our time with. Also on a deeper level we can take on Genetic from our family. These inherited tendencies can be what is most hidden from us. We can walk around everyday carrying these negative, limiting beliefs without even recognizing them, it is almost as though we are hypnotized. Changing your energy field can change your life and create ease rather than struggle.

With Transformational Life Coaching we are shifting from subconscious limiting beliefs to more higher conscious choices, this is super consciousness coaching. This helps to set us apart from the norm.

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