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Evolution for the Soul. Transformational Life Coaching can help you to achieve more success in many areas of your life such as for personal, relationships, career, health & spiritual transformation.

TLC is about you, change, growth, discovery & aligning your lifes’ purpose … how to live a happier, more fulfilling and abundant life.Melody offers private Transformational Life Coaching consultations.For more information on how Transformational Life Coaching with Melody can help you please call Melody on 0418776229.

About Melody

Melody is an extraordinary ‘Transformational Life Coach’.  Melodys’ amazing ability is not only intuitive, it’s also a gift that is both rare and precious, and one that she openly will share with you.

Melody helps you with tapping into your natural talents and abilities, as well as creating a unique environment of personal harmony and balance. Her reassuring, practiced guidance will cleanse your thoughts, accentuating an expanded wisdom and understanding. Your inherent ability to find answers to obstacles that plague you will be the positive result. You will experience serenity – an enhanced spiritual growth that will lovingly touch every dimension of your life.  Melody is situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.Melody offers private transformational life coaching consultations. Melody encompasses a range of various modalities with Personal Consultations, Seminars, Courses and Products. Melody is located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and is a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP), Master Time Line Therapist (R), Master Hypnosis Trainer (ABH), Energy Intuitive & Reiki/Seichem Master/Teacher. For more information. My mission is to continually connect with you individually, to help you develop and expand your talents and abilities, to make better choices, to find your life’s purpose, and to live a more fulfilling balanced life with integrity, generosity of spirit, purity of intent and an open mind.

Transformational Life Coaching is for  personal, relationships, career & spiritual transformation. It’s about change, growth, discovery & aligning your life.


Melody offers private Transformational Life Coaching. Transformational Life Coaching is for personal, relationships, career & spiritual transformation. It’s about change, growth, discovery & aligning your-self for a better life. Here’s what Melodys clients are saying …For ‘Quantum Cranial Activation’ info. PDF download please click here


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